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“As a stunt coordinator, I’m not a believer in action for action’s sake, but rather action to support the overall story. Action sequences often highlight the dramatic peaks of narrative story. 


One of the things I love most about the task of physicalizing emotion is the collaboration that occurs between: directors, actors, screenwriters, DOP’s, AD’s, all of us. As a production team, we have to make crazy things work in unreasonable circumstances, with realism but also safety at both ends.”

"One of the skills on which I pride myself, is the ability to interpret the script, the characters and most importantly the intended tone of an action sequence.  My goal is to choreograph, coordinate and safely execute the action so the story is elevated to maximum effect.


No one does a stunt alone, and in each of these scenes, as with all action sequences, there is a cadre of skilled professionals who helped me bring these scenes to life.” 

- Wade Allen

Anecdotal notes/thoughts from Wade regarding his work & preparation for each highlighted sequence:

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