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Variety: 2018 Artisan's Elite Report

The knowledgeable trade has featured me on their "Artisans Elite Report," where I share their mentions with the many other talented individuals from our field.

Wade Allen

The article mentions:

With a lineup that included new HBO comedy “Barry,” along with dramas “Yellowstone” and “The OA,”

Allen took on a diverse group of projects this year, something that has always been his goal. “I’m equally charged by the task of replicating historical action, choreographing visceral, realistic violence, or utilizing physicality to make people laugh,” Wade says. “Each of those disciplines brings its own set of challenges.” Allen, who took home a SAG Award in 2008 for stunts in “The Dark Knight,” added big-screen credits including in “Wind River,” “Chappaquiddick,” “Hotel Artemis” and Amy Poehler’s upcoming “Wine Country” for Netflix.

To read the complete list, you can do so directly on Variety.

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