Reviews Coming In for "Those Who Wish Me Dead"

The Jumpcut Online has released a review. Nguyen Le says:

"There is an abundance of persona and mortality from the title alone, and Sheridan seems to have lightened the emphasis on those aspects to triple-down his action-directing skills. With little respite from zippy bullets, fluid infernos and piercing lightning strikes — stunt coordinator Wade Allen, cinematographer Ben Richardson and editor Chad Galster give them all much knuckle-whitening flavour with high-impact choreography, fittingly blazing hues and careful sharp cuts; they all come together for a shootout between the hitmen and Allison (Medina Senghore), the expectant wife of Hannah’s sheriff friend Ethan (Jon Bernthal) — you do have a case here that Sheridan wants this to be his Speed, or Point Break, or The River Wild. The only problem is unlike those films there’s no one to care for here."

Likewise, Cinema Blend has spoken with Angelina Jolie regarding her experience doing stunts and her time filming with Finn Little.

David Rooney also reviewed for The Hollywood Reporter

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